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Patients usually do not need to remove earwax as our ears naturally push out the excess. The ear glands may produce more wax than necessary at times, causing earwax blockages though. People who use hearing aids, wear earplugs or push objects such as cotton swabs into their ears can be more prone to these problems. It’s important to note that according to 2017 guidelines for removal of impacted earwax issued by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation, excessive earwax in about 10 percent of young children, 20 percent of adults and more than 30 percent of elderly and developmentally disabled people collects to the point where it can completely block the ear canal. The excess buildup, which is more than the ear can remove naturally, may cause one or more symptoms such as the following:

When earwax builds to the point of causing pain or other symptoms, or prevents a professional examination of the ear, it’s time to clean it. Our Hearing Loss Program can address simple earwax buildup. Our team will examine your ears, determine the nature of the problem and customize a treatment plan. Treatment may include prescribing ear drops, applying wax-dissolving agents, using a suction technique or providing another appropriate solution.